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5 Steps to Build Your Ideal Home And Lifestyle

Why waste weeks or even months shopping around only to end up putting your faith in the hands of a sales rep who doesn't have your best interests at heart? Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.


Stay Away From Builders...

Despite what they tell you, every builder has a specialty. The problem is it doesn't matter who you talk to, they're never going to tell you that someone else is a better fit for you. We want to make sure you're getting the best builder for your specific requirements so you can have a great home with the most value for money.


Home Design On Hold...

Home design is always important but we need to put it aside for now and make sure you're putting first things first... we have ways of making sure the home design really suits your lifestyle but all the ducks need to be in a row first, working out finance and finding the right builder for the job.


Find the One...

We'll help you find the one builder who's right for you, so you can be confident of having the best balance of home design, inclusions, hidden costs (such as siteworks, energy efficiency requirements, soakwells), and the all important budget. This is where your new home will really come to life.


Don't Believe the Hype...

What are the facts in all of these home building prices and promotions, and what is hype? It's easy to end up in front of the wrong builder when you can't tell what is actually included in the price, what's really smoke and mirrors, what the extra costs are going to be.


Invest in a Buyers Advocate...

Someone who is able to get a deeper understanding of what your ideal home will be, then work through the process with you to make sure you get maximum value, less stress, and potentially save tens of thousands along the way.

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